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  3. Spring is here! And since it is an even week, it’s time for…. MASA’s FIRST GBM of the quarter! Come see us at Center 119 at 7:30pm ;)
  4. Now that the new quarter is fully under way, we hope you are looking forward to having MASA events every week!
  5. Staff Profile: Thomas Le



    Name: Thomas Le

    Position: Vice President

    College: Sixth

    Year: Senior

    Major: General Biology

    Q: If you could have any super power, what would you take?

    The ability to make you fall for me. Oops, I already have that power [; hehe <3

    Q: What was your first significant memory in MASA?

    Meeting Angeline Go when she was flyering because she introduced herself and asked for my name… 2 days later when I came by to visit she did the exact same thing BECAUSE SHE FORGOT MY NAME… RUDE. NEVER FORGET ANGELINE GO [ I miss you though <3]

    Q: What quality do you look for in others?

    Personality? If they get along with people, if they have dreams, aspirations, have fun and do work at the same time, love being outdoors and being active, but also enjoy being chill and down to earth to watch movie or go star gazing?

    Q: What is your favorite MASA memory?

    Being able to participate as a Miss Relay Contestant because I was able to support something I care about while making people laugh at the same time. Just being able to strut my stuff or be a total goofball in my dress, wig, makeup, and high heeled boots and sassing everyone out like it was nothing. Like even though I didn’t win, everyone ran up to me and gave me a big group hug and it was one of the greatest feelings I ever received because I always felt like I wasn’t really good for anyone or anything. But with all the love and support of everyone really made feel that I belonged somewhere and proved that MASA really is my 2nd family.

  6. (wondering what&#8217;s going on here? scroll down :3)
Are y’all ready for this? The LAST WORKSHOP OF THE QUARTER for kunFusion is tonight, taught by the amazingly shameless Kydric Luyen! Join us outside of RIMAC tonight at 9:00 pm; don’t be late! Dance them midterm worries away~
THE LAST GBM OF THE QUARTER IS HEEEEEEEEEERE! Come by Center Hall 216 tomorrow at 7:30 PM! Hope to see y&#8217;all there, we&#8217;ve got plenty of surprises in store :3
  8. THE LAST GBM OF THE QUARTER IS HERE! But guess what? It&#8217;s not over yet! We still have tons of events upcoming, so stay tuned!
  9. Staff Profile: Sachi Pitkin


    Name: Sachi Pitkin

    Position: Media

    College: Warren

    Year: Sophomore

    Major: Computer Science

    Q: What were your favorite childhood books?

    My favorite childhood books were all written by Gail Carson Levine. In particular I enjoyed Fairest, which is loosely based on the story of Snow White. If you’ve seen Ella Enchanted, he wrote that too.

    Q: What is MASA to you?

    MASA is a family. It’s a place where you can go to talk to someone about your troubles, get support when you just got a bad grade, have fun when you need a break, and ALL THE FREEEE HUGGGS <3.

    Q: What is your hobby?

    My favorite hobby is getting new hobbies. I like to read, write, play video games, play piano, bake, surf, go horseback riding, watch tv dramas, play tennis, play volleyball, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

    Q: Who is your favorite fictional character?

    Zelda. I’ve spent more time saving that princess than Mario spends saving Peach.

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